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July 10, 2016

Just a Hop, Skip and No Jump

February 12, 2016 - I've just finished up my latest 2hour physio session. Working with some great people at Nova Physiotherapy who have really encouraged me to tackle this head on and stay positive. I've gone from zero movement in my right leg to now being able to fully extend and straighten the leg under my own power, do full 90degree step ups and more. I'm walking up AND down stairs properly now, all on the proper track to encourage my glutes and hamstrings to strengthen and do what they're designed to do - all pain free.
This may sound like small potatoes to most but when you consider that less that 5 weeks ago the range of motion in my right leg was about a 5degree bend. I'd torn my ACL and MCL ligaments in my right knee. I do have some experience with injury and surgeries but nothing this serious with an average recovery time of a year.
During my Varsity playing days I'd fractured an extra bone I had growing off of my femur and had to have that surgically removed - it set me back about 6 weeks but I am much better off since - cartoonish scar and all.
I spent the first 2-3 weeks on crutches and avoiding stairs at all costs. At the 2 weeks mark post injury I was able to get in and see Rob at Nova for the first time. We had a good chat and did some light work - but it was a VERY important day in this recovery. It was very positive and gave me a lot of hope that I would not only be able to be my normal again but even that I would make a full recovery with no hiccups. Now obviously some of this is completely out of anyone's control but the best part about this particular injury is that the time and work you put into yourself will directly result in how fast and effective your recovery can be. The saying "hard-work, you get out what you put in" has never been more true.
The most difficult aspect thus far has been the complete 180 in lifestyle. The different disappointments of cancelled trips, erased seasons and useless memberships all add to the fact that a typical day was all of a sudden being driven everywhere, crutches and being sat down for SO long each day. It's ironic that being sedentary can be so mentally exhausting.
Onward and upward!
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