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"Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer"

My first memories of travelling from our family home in Nova Scotia are to visit relatives in New Brunswick & Maine. Oddly enough, the next first time I was infected by the travel bug was before I'd reached my teens. My neighbour/babysitter, who also played soccer, was getting ready for a tournament her team would be competing at in Pennsylvania. Right then and there I made it a goal to do whatever I had to to see as much of the world as possible. 

As a kid my greatest avenue was through sport and my parents, the encouraging people they are, told me that if I worked hard enough and earned my place on the top travel teams that I would get my chance! Throughout Junior & Senior High School I was lucky enough to travel to 5 other Provinces and another country playing the sport I love. 

My commitments to both school sports and club sports meant I was always busy and had to be incredibly organized and diligent to maintain straight As and not miss a beat at practices. From soccer, football, volleyball, table tennis and always holding down a part-time job, my life was always go, go, go! As much as a vehicle would have helped during High School, I loved (and appreciate it a lot more now) having my Dad around for every practice, every game and every chat. My hard earned money was always going towards the next adventure and never toward a vehicle, like a lot of my buddies had bought. 

I'll do my best to take you along for the journeys, wherever they may take us and occasionally bring back a trip from the past. After all, one of the biggest parts of travelling is being exposed to new things and learning so it's important not to forget each and every step along the way!


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