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August 20, 2016

Musgrave Harbour, Newfoundland & Labrador

IMG_3257.JPGRoughly 4.5 hours from St. John's, we found our own kind of paradise! White sandy beaches, incredible sunsets and more icebergs than you've ever seen!
A close family friend had mentioned the Old Saltbox Company to us and their unique concept. They've taken a number of, well, old saltbox houses and made one wall entirely windows to capture the stunning beauty of their locations. Alex's birthday was coming up so it was a perfect little surprise getaway weekend for us.

After spending a night at the cabin, we effectively halved our driving time and were able to take our time going up the coast and pop into a few of the picturesque towns along the way. From New-Wes-Valley to Cape Freels we saw beautiful coastline, countless icebergs and places we'd never have believed were actually in Newfoundland!
Musgrave Harbour itself is home to about 1400 people and has all the amenities available but not a whole lot more. The town certainly makes up for that with it's beauty and charm. For example, the view from our rented front window was lush grasslands, river, sandy beach and ocean with at all times 5+ visible icebergs. We were also treated to nightly campfires by the locals that were picture perfect against the amazing oceanside sunsets.
The walk from our Old Saltbox house to the beach was stunning and took at maximum, 5 minutes. It takes a lot to get one to leave such a well finished and beautiful old home (well done Old Saltbox Co.!) but the views along Musgrave Harbour Beach are definitely worth getting outside for. Everything was perfect about this place and we had two 25-30 degree temperature days to boot!
We highly recommend getting around this picturesque peninsula along Newfoundland's Northern Coast. Some of the beaches and scenes will have you thinking your hundreds of kilometres south of here but the people and food are something you'll only find here in NL.
Stay tuned for our post about Twillingate, which is only about 1.5 hours further North from Musgrave Harbour and a must see if you're ever in the neighbourhood! Until next time!

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